A signing out book is being put in our boat shed and should be used by all paddlers every time you go on the river.

It is individual members responsibility to sign themselves (plus any guests etc) out before each water session and back in after leaving the water.  

The purpose of the book is to increase members safety and bring HKC in line with the recommendations of the BCU and Clubmark.

When signing out, it is best practice to enter (in the comments box), in which direction you are intending to paddle i.e. 'upstream or downstream'. If you do not specify, it will ALWAYS be assumed that you have proceeded upstream. 
Also, if you intend to be on the water for a long duration, please state this in the comments box."

- NO junior is to paddle without adult supervision at all times.
- Paddling alone is NOT recommended.
- If you do paddle alone:

i.) ALWAYS tell somebody where you are going and how long you intend to be out.
ii.) It is recommended that you wear a buoyancy aid and carry a mobile phone in a waterproof pouch/container.
iii.) Check river and weather forecast before proceeding on the river.

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